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A Spaze sofa bed is the perfect addition to any California apartment or home with limited or small spaces in which to place furniture. But some of our customers may still have a few questions about the quality, delivery options, and care instructions of our stylish sectional sofa models and modern sofa beds.

These are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from customers who are in the market for a modern sofa bed at a price they can afford.

Frequently Asked Questions

Spaze sofa beds are available in a wide range of sizes and specifications. The weight capacity of any particular sofa bed in our collection varies depending on the model you decide to purchase.

If you are not sure which model you plan to order, keep in mind that nearly all Spaze sofa bed styles are designed with frames that can accommodate the combined weight of two adults, evenly distributed across the surface of the bed for a good night's rest. Some of our sofa beds can fit three adults seated or sleeping comfortably and these styles would have a greater weight capacity.

Spaze sofa beds are built to be durable and comfortable, but we do recommend that you confirm the weight capacity of the style of sofa bed you want before you buy.

Every Spaze sofa bed demonstrates our brand innovation in design and manufacturing that surpasses other vendors offering sleeper sofa beds online. That's why we back every purchase with a three-year manufacturer's limited warranty.

Some restrictions apply. The three year warranty goes into effect from the date of delivery and covers any defects in the materials or construction of your sofa bed. The warranty does not cover any defects or damage due to excessive wear and tear or abuse.

Spaze sofa beds are intended for residential use only. Place it inside your guest room or bedroom and enjoy the versatility and features every one of our products has to offer.

But if you notice any imperfections, defects, or manufacturing flaws after your sofa bed is delivered to your home, contact our customer service department and tell us about the problem. We will work to make it right as quickly as possible.

Storage space is one of the many exciting features that are available with our sofa beds, daybeds, and sectional sofa options. We pride ourselves on designing multifunctional furniture for everyone and roomy compartments to store personal belongings or clean linens and blankets for when unexpected guests stay the night or even a few weeks.

Shopping for sofa beds with storage options is easy. Just enter the term "storage" in our website's search bar and you'll find all of the products that offer storage compartments as part of the listed features in the product description.

Delivery of your sofa bed from our warehouse to Los Angeles can take anywhere from three to seven business days. The timing of your delivery can be affected by the scheduled date for delivery that you arrange with our shipping partners and the type of delivery option you choose.

We offer Room of Choice and Delivery and Assembly shipping services. If you select the former, your furniture will be carried into the room you have chosen with up to two flights of stairs covered in the cost. You are responsible for unboxing and furniture assembly. The latter includes transport to the room of your choosing and furniture assembly.

In the event the shipping company attempts delivery and you or your authorized consignee are not home or you need to reschedule delivery at the last minute, this could delay the delivery of your sofa bed. A re-scheduling fee will also apply.

Modern sofa beds have come a long way since the futon or pull out couch of days gone by. Every Spaze sofa bed has been designed and manufactured to exceed our customers' exacting standards for quality and multifunctionality. To ensure the most comfortable sleep experience, each of our sofa beds are built with a solid wood frame, reinforced corner blocks, a metal bar, and nylon brackets that won't creak. Cushions made from high-density foam offer firmness and support with fabric that is soft yet durable.

But every individual is different and comfort levels may vary from one customer to the next. When you browse our selection of sofa beds, sectional sofa styles, and daybeds, you will see a firmness scale in the product description. This can guide you towards the Spaze furniture product that fits your comfort level best, using a scale of one to five, one the most firm and five the softest.

Keep in mind that most sofa beds are designed to be firmer than your typical sofa or couch as the cushions are meant to withstand elevated levels of wear and tear due to the intended multifunctionality of a sofa bed.

The cushions on most Spaze sofa bed products are designed to be removed. Each cushion comes with a removable cover that slips off for easy washing. The fabrics of Spaze cushions are durable for everyday use and they can be placed in your washing machine without getting damaged or worn out.

Check the product description of the sofa bed you plan to purchase for more information on the style of cushions and whether or not they can be taken off the product and the covers cleaned separately.

We aim to make shopping for sofa beds easy, feel free to contact our customer service department for further guidance on selecting the sofa bed that is best for your home.