Purchasing furniture can be a stressful process, but it doesn't have to be. With that in mind we have added the function of pre ordering items before they are re-stock. At first glance this new feature might not seem like it benefits the customer but here is a few reason we believe it will help you get the perfect furniture for your home:


1-Guarantee Your Item:

Due to many reasons a supply chain line can be slowed down or even completely blocked causing items to remain out of stock for months at a time, and although we work hard to maintain our inventory levels constant situations can happen outside of our control. Because of that, giving the customer the ability to pre order items allows them to lock in their unit and guarantee that item will be theirs once it arrives in our warehouse.


2-Lock In The Pricing:

With a fast pace world comes fast pace pricing, and although we have a focus on maintaining the best prices in our market changes to shipping rates and prime materials can affect the final price of a furniture piece. By pre ordering your sofa/ sofa bed you lock in that price and don't have to worry about any of those increases.


3-Time To Think:

There are no fees associated with cancelling your pre-order, so you can place an order and while the item is on their way from our manufacture you can take your time to consider if this item is just right for you and your home. We will be here to help you with any question you might have as we would prefer you keep your reservation.


To check if the item you are hoping to purchase is a pre order, pay attention to the dispatch date under the add to cart button, this date indicates if the item is currently in stock or still being shipped from our factory.

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