We know sectional sofa beds have gotten a bad reputation for being uncomfortable for both sitting and sleeping. But we believe you should revisit this living room option especially our own sectional sofa bed; the Malibu Sectional. Extremely comfortable and functional were the two main characteristics we wanted this sofa bed to display and we think we hit the nail on the head for this one.



The first thing that sets our sectional sofa bed apart from the rest is the foam used in the cushions, while most use recycled foam that is composed of foam scraps molded together with the aid of a bidding agent we utilize brand new high density foam that is both superior in quality and comfort. The next component that improves comfort is our premium quality fabric that is both soft and long lasting.

Now the real reason you want a sofa bed sectional instead of just a sectional sofa is for the ability of hosting your family or friends over night without the need of a spare room. Now instead of cutting corners and packing in the cheapest mattress, we decided to go with a memory foam mattress that is amazingly comfortable so your guests will get an incredible night of sleep.

In addition to all that we have perfected the pull out mechanism so you don't even have to remove the back cushion, making it possible to go from sofa to bed in just a few seconds. And lets not forget about the storage compartment under the chaise that allows you to store extra blankets and pillows to set up the bed.

Overall we believe we have taken the sectional sofa bed to a new level and think you should give it a try as the next centerpiece of your living room for its function, comfort and design.

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