At Spaze furniture we offer sofa beds in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes. We have products designed for use in compact spaces and large homes with plenty of room for sofa bed styles that can comfortably seat or sleep two to three adults.

But while room measurements can vary widely from a small apartment to a single-family home, it's important to know what sizes are out there and how much space you will need to accommodate the product you wish to purchase.

We understand that customers with limited space in the living room or guest room still want plenty of options for aesthetics, comfort, and functionality.

Quality is our number one priority at Spaze and that's why we have a wide selection of sofa bed and sectional sleeper sofa styles, and even other living room furniture, for customers who are trying to decide how much furniture they can fit in their available space.


What Size Room are You Furnishing?

Whether your sofa bed needs to fit in a small space of your living room or you plan to keep a sofa bed in the spare bedroom when guests come to visit, your best bet is to measure the available space you have to work with before you start comparing size dimensions and styles on the Spaze furniture website.

Be as accurate as possible with your measurements, focusing on the length and width of the room and keep in mind you need to have enough available space for using the sofa in both seating and sleeping positions.

Determining the Size that Fits Best

Once you know the size dimensions of the room where your new sofa bed will reside, you can start to compare and contrast different models and styles that are the most appealing to you. Each listing has a product description that will tell you the dimensions of the product for seating and sleeping.

A common example would be the following:

General Dimensions: 30" H X 65" W X 34" D

Seat: 16" H X 60" W X 25" D

Bed: 60" W X 77.2" D

These are the dimensions of the Oslo Two Seat Sofa Bed, one of our most popular sleeper sofa models because it can fit easily in any small space like a guest room or home office.

When you are calculating which sofa bed is the best choice for your room, remember to leave a little extra space for the furniture when unfolded or extended for sleeping.

You don't want the sofa bed cushions or the fabric or your other furnishings to become damaged as a result of brushing against sharp objects or guests knocking into things due to a lack of available space to maneuver around the sofa bed when converted into sleeping position.

Know Your Sofa Bed Size Options

As you consider your choices, the following are some of the most common sofa bed sizes to give you a general idea of the seating area and sleeping surface accommodations for you and your guests.


Twin Size Sofa Bed

The ideal choice for customers looking to furnish a studio apartment or a home office. The upside is that you can place a twin sofa bed in rooms with limited available floor space, while the sleeping surface of the sofa bed may be best suited for one guest as it could be a bit snug for two guests of more than average size and weight.

Full or Double Size Sofa Bed

When in the sitting position, this size sofa bed can double as a loveseat so it fits well in a guest room or living room with limited floor space. Affords a slightly wider sleeping surface than a twin sofa bed without taking up too much extra room.

Queen Size Sofa Bed

Purchasing a queen size sleeper sofa is the best choice for customers who have a considerable amount of room to go big like a living room or master bedroom. Ample seating and sleeping space for two or even three guests to relax or sleep with complete comfort.

King Size Sofa Bed

For customers who have plenty of available space in their living room, family room or den, any area where the length and width have the furniture in both functionality positions can be easily accommodated without making the room feel cluttered or cramped.

Sectional Sofa Bed

Some customers may prefer sectional sofa sleeper options but these products can pose some challenges as to the arrangement of other furniture in the room. The sectional is best for homes with an abundance of open space, the chaise portion of the sofa offers seating for more guests, and converting it into a sleeping position offers plenty of room for two or three guests to get a good night's sleep. If you select a sectional sofa with a reversible chaise ottoman option, you have the choice of placing the furniture any direction you see fit.

sectional sofa

Sofa Bed Mattress Size Options

Most sofa beds do not require the use of mattresses, but some customers will purchase a mattress topper to place over the sleeping surface of the sofa bed cushions. This can provide an added layer of comfort and support for guests who might be spending the week on your sofa bed.

Sofa bed cushions can be a little too firm for some people, but a mattress topper is made from memory foam or even gel memory foam for increased back support.

The Best Sleeper Sofa Size For You

Every customer is different. The comfort level of one person is not always the same as the next so its up to the individual consumer to make a decision as to the type of sofa bed he or she prefers. The dimensions of the room also play a critical role in helping to decide.

Now it's time to take a look at the Spaze Furniture website and browse all of the many choices that are aesthetically pleasing and offer the functionality that best suits your lifestyle. If you have guests visiting often, you might want to choose a sofa bed that welcomes them with style and comfort.

If the sofa portion is more important, check out the firmness scale of each product. This scale rates the sofa cushions from firmest to softest to ensure maximum comfort when relaxing, watching television, or just enjoying top quality design and innovation at an affordable price.

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