Many of us have ignored this furniture piece but it is a really smart solution to tiny space living. It’s a sofa and a bed, all in one, and can be styled with accent pillows and throws while you’re not sleeping on it so your space comes off more like a living room than a bedroom. They are as deep as a twin bed, so when being used as a sofa, they are extra deep and extremely comfortable.

Now, the daybed comes in many varieties. Some take the form of an extra deep bench which is great for a minimalist look. Others are more traditional with a back and arms, But our favorite is a hybrid of both styles like this Bonapart Daybed, that offers both a minimal look and back support for reading your favorite book.

Daybeds are also a very versatile piece of furniture they can be used from the bedroom, to the living room, to the porch/balcony/patio to dens and offices. So next time you are looking for a new piece of furniture do not shine away from a daybed they are sure to surprise you.

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