You may be surprised to know that sofa beds have been around since the 14th century BCE and while things like aesthetics and functionality have improved dramatically since then, the basics still remain the same. It's all about getting a quality night's sleep on a product that lasts.

The Early Days

The earliest examples of the sofa bed can be traced back to ancient Egypt where the first versions of these pieces were made from a combination of wood, reeds, and palms. They were similar in shape and construction to a chaise lounge and offered enough space to sprawl out and relax in luxurious comfort. Cushions were added for extra comfort and convenience..

But only the wealthy and prominent could enjoy these furnishings while the less fortunate had to make do with less comfortable alternatives, usually made from stone.

Advancements in Design and Engineering

Since then, the sofa bed has come a long way in convenience, comfort, and cost. As technology progressed over time, new innovations and features allowed the sofa bed to evolve into the popular piece of furniture it has become today.

Structural Mechanics

The sofa bed took a big step forward when folding mechanisms were introduced to allow the sofa to transform into a surface that was large enough to sleep one or two people comfortably. The backrest and seat of the sofa would shift to provide the user with a flat, even surface on which to sleep.

Metal Frames

Up until the 20th century, sofa beds (and most types of furniture) were typically made of wood. But as metal became a more widely used material due to its durability, sofa beds adopted the use of metal in the frames and mechanisms that allowed the sofa bed to convert from one form to the other and back again. The use of metal resulted in a longer-lasting product that could withstand routine use and the wear and tear that came with it.

Design Shifts

Not just functionality, but aesthetics also improved as sofa beds underwent multiple design shifts and changes for comfort and convenience. Sofa beds would get lighter in weight while the design and materials used for cushions and mattresses were considered and reconsidered to create a product that could fold easily while remaining comfortable to sit or sleep on long enough to get a good night's rest. But without sacrificing aesthetics to achieve these goals.

The Sofa Bed of Today

We are proud to offer our line of sofa beds to discerning customers who understand the importance of conserving space but without compromising on convenience, comfort, or cost. Our sofa beds are the result of centuries of innovative evolution and functional development. Our design team has used the advancements of the past as a foundation to build new ideas and improve upon what has come before, so you can rest assured that the sofa bed with our name on it represents the highest-quality design and innovation in the marketplace today.

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