Here at Spaze Furniture we care about the impact our furniture has on the environment. We work with our designers and manufacturers to choose methods, materials, and solutions to become more sustainable as a brand. For this reason, our latest sofa bed designs are being touted as sustainable for good reason.

Our Vida Daybed has been wrapped in our new recycled polyester (56% recycled polyester and 44% polyester), whilst maintaining our high standards for comfort, look and feel. We love it! 

As a company we are working on our brand to be more sustainable and impactful.

Choosing recycled polyester over virgin polyester helps tremendously in the reduction of plastic bottles in landfills.  Plastic bottles are reused in the fiber production process of recycled polyester and this in turn has major benefits for reducing contamination of the earth as well as water and air pollution.  

Choosing Recycled Polyester over virgin polyester means a reduction:

  • Use of petroleum

  • Water consumption (20%)

  • CO2 emissions (35%)

  • Energy savings (a whopping 45%) 

We are so pleased with the outcome of this new fabric that we will be using it more and more in our designs. We are excited for the new fabrics launching in the coming months on some of our most favorite sofa beds, like the Alure. Watch for them. 

As we continue to grow and strive to be known for not only our small space designs but for a brand that is sustainable in today’s smart home market and environment. 

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