A living room anchor is its sofa or even better its sofa bed. We here at Spaze Furniture believe that a sofa bed can offer you incredible function without sacrificing design, just have a look at our newest addition to our collection the Oslo 2S in velvet.

This is not your ordinary sofa bed, this beauty has multiple back positions so you can sit, lounge or sleep. In addition our new velvet model keeps you extra cozy and warm during the colder weather.


The next item that is usually overlooked is the coffee table. Many of us think of a coffee table as a simple surface that does not add much to our living room. But you can get so much more from your coffee table. For example the Venera coffee table offers a beautiful modern design plus a storage compartment and a lift top mechanism allowing you to work or eat comfortably on your couch.

The last piece of furniture we think can be doing more for your living room is the ottoman, ottoman are usually looked at as a way to stretch your legs and on the rare occasion contain some internal storage. We think the ottoman can be better utilized as an extra sleeping bed, just have a look at our Mart ottomans that easily turn into a comfortable bed.

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