Although many may think the only difference between a quality sofa bed and a cheap sofa bed is price there are many other aspects that distinguish them apart. Here are some of our tips for you to make sure you always purchase items with a superior quality.


Tip#1: Fabric- Look at the fabric, one of the most expensive parts of making a sofa is purchasing the fabric, many manufacturers will use lower quality fabric to cut costs. The industry standard for measuring the quality of fabric is rub counts; this score is given after a fabric has been put through a stress test simulating daily use. A quality sofa bed will have a score of 20k and up rub counts, do not buy anything under 10k rub counts as it will tear within a year.


Tip#2: Frames - Sofa beds can be made from all metal frames or a hybrid between wood and metal. When analyzing the quality of a frame it is important to ask how the metal is treated, as sofa beds have mechanisms to transform from sofa to bed, these components are very important for a smooth experience. A quality sofa bed has hot and and cold treated hinges to insure the mechanism does not deform over time.


Tip#3: Foam- Manufacturers have two options when it comes to foam recycled and new. And although recycled foam might sound like a great choice for the environment the performance of this type of foam is subpar to new foam. This means most cheap sofa beds will use recycled foam which will deform much faster than new foam. Another thing to keep an eye out for is the density of the foam. Higher density foam has a longer lifetime and will hold up better over time.


Extra Tips:

Look out for sofa beds with unfinished backs, this is usually a sign that the manufacturer is more focused on reducing cost than quality.

Look out for seating height, metal and wooden legs can be quite expensive to produce, some manufacturers will reduce price by using shorter legs to decrease cost.

Price does not always reflect quality, you can find great sofa beds under $500 dollars specially if you shop with us!

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