The modern sofa bed is much easier to open (and close) than some of its more traditional predecessors that relied upon a separate mattress to be folded up and stored beneath your seat cushions. Now, the seat cushions are doing double-duty as the seating for your sofa and the mattress for sleeping on the product as your bed.

These new modern designs can help conserve much-needed floor space in rooms where open square footage is not always readily available. At Spaze Furniture, we offer a wide array of sofa beds to fit the unique challenges of furnishing any room in your home where space is at a premium.

But for those of you considering the purchase of a sofa bed to address the limited available space in your home, one of the most common questions we get focuses on the functionality of these products. Specifically, how to open the sofa bed once it's all set up and ready for use.


First things first

A word of warning about safety. Always use caution when opening and closing your sofa bed. If you are unsure of how to open the product, read the instructions first and be careful not to catch your fingers in the mechanism or the frame. This can cause injury.

Don't allow young children to open the sofa bed and always check the bed cushions and inside the frame when closing the bed to make sure no objects, children, or pets can get caught in the mechanism, causing injury or damage to the product.

Different models, different methods

Every sofa bed is different. Some may have special features or design characteristics that are particular to that make and model and should be followed for successfully opening and closing the product.

The following steps should be used for illustrative purposes and may not apply directly to the sofa bed you are attempting to open. The various models we offer in the Spaze line of sofa bed products may require different methods or additional steps to ensure that your sofa bed has been opened fully and successfully.

We recommend that you refer to your product's instructions for specific steps on how to open the sofa bed that you have purchased.

Step one: Remove the cushions

Some sofa bed models may come with removable back cushions that should be taken off of the product before opening the sofa bed. You can return the cushions to use as a pillow for the head while sleeping once the bed has been fully extended.

But failing to remove the cushions as directed may interfere with the mechanism of the sofa bed and prevent it from being opened properly. 

Step two: Locate the pull handle

A handle can be located either behind or beneath the seat cushions. Once you find the handle, grip and pull towards you or lift up to extend the mechanism. This may vary depending on the type of sofa bed you own and the size of the bed when extended. 

Be careful that your fingers and the hands and fingers of any children are away from the mechanism as it extends. 

Step three: Engage the legs

When the bed is extended, it will be supported by a set of legs that must be engaged in order for the bed to open properly. Refer to your sofa bed instructions to find out where the legs are located. They may be concealed inside of the cover of your cushions and you will need to unzip the cover and unfold them from the storage area or the legs will engage automatically as you pull or lift the mechanism.

But always know where the legs are located and if you need to manually engage them or if the legs extend on their own before you attempt to open your sofa bed into a horizontal position.


Step four: Lower the back frame

This may not be necessary with some sofa bed models. But it may be required with others, so always check your product's instruction manual for clarification. Some sofa beds are designed to stay flush against the wall and still unfold into a comfortable bed for sleeping. In the case of these products, the back of the sofa acts as a bed frame and you do not need to fold them down to a horizontal position.

For other models that do not offer this feature, you may need to lower the back frame of the sofa bed to horizontal position to get the full resting surface available when the sofa bed has been opened. You may need to pull the frame back and then push it forward to lower it down. You will hear a “click-clack” sound that disengages the lock on the mechanism before it is released and free to fold down.

When you want to return it, simply pull the back frame up towards you and the “click-clack” sound will signal that the mechanism has been locked again and the back of the sofa will remain upright until you need to release it again.

Step five: Add bedding, linens, and pillows

Now that your sofa bed is open and extended into a horizontal position, you can add a bedding topper over the surface for a more comfortable night's sleep and cover everything in linens and blankets as you prefer. Toss a couple pillows on the bed or use the cushions that came with the product.

Lay down, tuck in, and enjoy a restful sleep. Wake up refreshed the next day and return the sofa bed back to its original seating position or feel free to leave it extended if you or your guests plan to sleep on the furniture for days at a time.

Sleep well with Spaze

At Spaze furniture, we make it easy to entertain guests with our line of sofa beds and sleeper sofas, built to accommodate one to three average-sized adults across a range of bed sizes from twin to king. Many of our most popular models come equipped with special features including storage space, removable covers, and high-quality fabrics that are easy to clean. 

Opening and closing our sofa beds is easy to do without too much effort or strain. Best of all, our sofa bed products are comfortable to sleep on for consecutive nights, so you won’t need to worry about you or your guests waking up with a stiff back or sore neck. 

At Spaze furniture, we make it easy to order, own, and operate your sofa bed and we have options to fit any size room and every size of budget.

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