Your sofa bed is an investment that should be protected with proper care and maintenance. Spills, scratches, and routine wear and tear can make your purchase appear old and worn out in no time at all. But taking these necessary precautions to safeguard your new purchase will help to extend the lifespan of your sofa bed, making it the centerpiece of any room for years to come.

In this blog, we'll review the best and most effective ways to maintain and clean your sofa bed to preserve its appearance and functionality.

Spills and Splashes

Any time you spill a liquid or substance on the cushions of your sofa bed, act fast to clean it up as soon as possible. The longer you allow it to sit on the fabric, the more likely it will seep in and set a stain that will be very difficult to remove. Time is not on your side with a spill, particularly with wine or juice.

When you do clean up the mess, always remember to blot. Never wipe, that will only risk driving the liquid or substance into the fibers and result in a discoloration or stain in the affected area.

Daily Care Tips

The following are some daily cleaning and care tips for maintaining your sofa bed. These will help prevent dust, germs, and accelerated wear and tear:

Mind the Sunlight

For starters, place the sofa bed in an area of the room that doesn't get prolonged periods of direct sunlight. The sun can cause colors to fade and before you know it, the upholstery of your sofa bed will look dull and dingy.

If you have no other choice, close the curtains or lower the shades over the windows when the sun is at its peak, so you can reduce the exposure to the sun's powerful UV rays.

Cushion Care

The cushions of your sofa bed should be fluffed up and rotated to avoid uneven wear from daily use. This will help them retain their natural shape. Be sure to check for dust, crumbs, dirt, and other contaminants that can fall in between them on a regular basis. A collection of debris isn't just gross, it can also cause damage in the form of small tears and stains in the fabric.

Weekly Care Tips

Some cleaning and maintenance need only be performed on a weekly basis. Follow these simple steps to ensure that your sofa bed always looks and smells its best:

Vacuum the Upholstery

Using any of the attachments that come with your cleaner, vacuuming the surface upholstery of the sofa can restore its vibrant luster and keep the fabric in excellent condition. This is a useful method for removing dust, hair, and grime from the cushions and armrests, while getting to those hard to reach places in between and under the cushions. Dust that is allowed to collect on your cushions will only be thrown into the air and inhaled by you and your family whenever someone sits down. This can cause allergic reactions and asthma flare-ups.

Wipe Down the Frame and Legs

Dust doesn't accumulate solely on the upholstery. Check the components of the sofa bed that aren't covered with upholstered fabric, like the frame, the legs, armrests, any hard surfaces. A mild damp cloth should be more than effective at clearing away the dust, lint, and other unseemly impurities that only serve to dull the look of your furniture.

Follow these helpful maintenance and cleaning tips to ensure that your brand new sofa bed provides you with years of enjoyment and happy memories.

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