The cost of sofa beds can vary based on a range of factors with respect to size of the furniture, materials used in the manufacturing of the product, and more options such as storage space in the sofa bed to store linens, pillows, and other bedding accessories.

Spaze Furniture offers two seat and three seat sofa beds and sectional sofa bed styles that offer reversible chaise options to allow customers to customize their living room furniture for some extra space if needed.

DetermineCostofSofa Bed

How to Determine the Cost of Your Sofa Bed

Among the most important factors for choosing the sofa bed that fits best in your home is price. The cost of the product and the value it provides to you, the customer. But why spend more than you need on a sofa bed?

You can avoid paying too much by first making some decisions on the sofa bed that works best for your home and your intended use. Consider the following as you shop the Spaze Furniture website and review your options:

Sleep, Sit, or Both?

Every Spaze sofa bed and sectional allows you to do both whenever you wish. But how often do you anticipate using the product for sitting and how often do you expect you will need it for sleeping? Ask yourself this question and you'll start to reach a decision on how much you need to spend on your sofa bed.

If you plan to use the sofa bed primarily for seating and occasionally need extra space for guests to sleep comfortably once in awhile, then you want a style of sofa bed that can accommodate everyone in your home during movie night or relaxing on the weekends.

But if you often entertain and you want a sofa bed that is intended to give your guests (and you as well!) enough comfort and back support for a good night's sleep, then you can choose the style that works best for sleeping.

Maybe it's an even split and you want a sofa bed for the versatility, durability, and flexibility for any and all situations and occasions. Spaze sofa beds fit the bill no matter what!

Measure the Room

For homes, condos, and apartments where living room space is at a premium, a sofa bed can be a useful and easy solution for conserving square footage while enjoying the multifunctionality you would expect from this type of furniture.

But if your sofa bed takes up too much space while in a flat, extended position for sleeping, you could risk damaging the sofa bed, not to mention the interior walls or furnishings of your living room. As a result, you discover that you've got too much sofa bed for your limited space

That's why it is so important to first take accurate measurements of the living room or any room you plan to place the sofa bed to know which style is the best one for that room.

Once you figure out the dimensions of the room, browse the sofa bed styles that are most appealing to you and compare the measurements of those products against the measurements of the space you plan to set the sofa bed. Depending on how much space you have to work with, you may find some styles are automatically off the list.


The Price of Your Sofa Bed

When it comes to buying living room furniture, you don't want to spend too much but you don't want to skimp on comfort or quality either.

At Spaze furniture you won't pay more for quality and if you have measured your space and given careful thought about the intended use of the sofa bed, you won't pay more than you need for more sofa bed than your home can accommodate.

Sofa Bed Size

Take a look at the many styles from which to choose and you will find two seater and three seater sofa beds, sectional sofas, and daybeds for anywhere from $899 to $2,199. Once you know the size you need, you can choose from the different options that are available.

Keep in mind the size of the product when in a sleeping position as most sofa beds extend to the equivalent of a queen size bed, designed to accommodate two full grown adults comfortably at the same time.

More Options and Accessories

If you want the extra storage space under your cushions, then you will typically pay a little more for the sofa bed that offers that feature. Customers can also add mattress toppers to their sofa bed furniture for extra comfort as a sleeper sofa. It's easy to add these accessories to your order when you shop for sofa bed styles that work best in your home.

Bundle Discounts

Customers who want to outfit an entire living room set from Spaze furniture can enjoy Mix and Match discounts when bundling multiple other items in one order with the sofa bed of their choosing.

Select a sofa bed, a mattress topper, a coffee table, or anything else that your heart desires and you can get deep discounts off the products you add to your cart. Bundling can reduce the cost of your sofa bed and the other pieces you want for your living room (or guest room, den, where you decide to put your new furniture is up to you!)


Shipping Options

The cost of your sofa bed will also be affected by the type of shipping option you select at checkout. The price of shipping is dependent on multiple factors - the amount spent on the order, the address of the delivery location, and the services provided.

Room of Choice Shipping Service

This is the standard option. Our shipping partner delivers your furniture and places it in the room of your choosing. This service is free for orders over $999 and the price varies for orders under $999.

Delivery and Assembly Shipping Service

This option costs more dependent upon the location of the delivery address and the value of the order. Our shipping parnter delivers your furniture, places it in the room of your choosing, unboxes and assembles the furniture. The cost of delivery and assembly can run anywhere from $49 to $149.

Buying from Spaze Furniture

Many factors play a role in the cost of your sofa bed, but when you buy from Spaze furniture you can rest assured you are getting the best value for the lowest price. Check out our wide selection of colors, fabrics, and styles and we are sure you will find the sofa bed to fit your budget and home decor.

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