We live in a world where we can buy anything and everything online. From clothing to groceries, furniture is now a category we can add to the list.

But while purchasing a pair of shoes is easy, ordering a large piece of furniture via the internet can feel stressful and overwhelming. After all, you cannot just drop a sofa in the mail if it does not fit or look the way you hoped. Here are a couple tips to help you navigate this tough decision:

#1-Read the Reviews: 

The next best thing to sitting on a sofa is reading reviews by other people who have sat on that sofa. Just a few of the many things you can learn from the reviews are the quality of the piece, how comfortable it is, and if it looks the same in real life as it is pictured online. 

There is no telling how much time, money, and energy you can save by reading product reviews.

#2- Know the store exchange/return policy:

Many furniture retailers have strict return and exchange policies, so it is important to do your research. For big-ticket items, like a sofa, some retailers require you to ship the piece back yourself and then pour salt in the wound with a hefty restocking fee.

It is no surprise then that many people keep furniture they do not even like simply to avoid the hassle of returning it.

Here is the good news – many retailers have super generous return policies so you can avoid this sofa-sized headache. Do your research first, then shop confidently.

#3- Ask for Fabric Samples:

Many retailers offer to send you fabric swatches for a small charge or even for free! This is a great way to test drive the fabric you will be lounging on, so take full advantage.

Do not be afraid to get creative with your swatches and see how they hold up to everyday wear and tear. Spill some wine on them to gauge how easily they stain. Wipe down the fabric to see how easy it is to clean. Even rub them on your pets to see if their fur clings to the fabric.


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