Here are the top 5 sofa beds from our Vancouver location, these sofas beds have been our top sellers due to their top quality, superior design and affordable price.

Oslo 2S

The Oslo 2 seater stands out from other sofa beds with its elegant mechanism that allows the user to set up their piece as a sofa, lounger or bed. This function is not the only aspect that makes us love this sofa bed, the modern design gives this sofa bed a truly balanced look that will not overpower your living room. To top it off this sofa bed packs in a queen size bed to ensure your overnight guests are comfortable all night long. 


The Alure sofa bed is our top seller for extra small apartments, measuring in at only 64 inches long; this sofa bed is extremely compact. But don’t be fooled, this small sofa bed delivers a queen size bed that is both comfortable and easy to set up.

The icing on this cake is the beautiful exposed metal arms and soft fabric for an industrial look with a comfort feel. 


The Blaine is one of our newest additions to our catalog but it has quickly become a favorite among our customers and it's clear why: the individually collapsable chaises give this sofa bed the comfort of a sectional without the large footprint when not in use. The fabric is also an aspect our customers have been extremely pleased with as it is soft and neutral in color making it easy to match with most interior designs. 


What would happen if you took a classic pull out sofa bed and improved its comfort, opening mechanism and foldable mattress… you would get the Malibu sofa bed. Like a classic car that has been modified this sofa may look ordinary from the outside but its insides our top of the line. The opening mechanism is ultra smooth and does not require you to remove the back pillows, the internal mattress is a high density memory foam that is indistinguishable from a normal bed and its hybrid frame made from both wood and metal deliver a comfortable sitting experience unlike its predecessors. Because of these reasons this sofa has been a favorite from day one and it is unlikely to lose its spot. 


The Metro might look like a simple sofa bed, and that is exactly what it is. Our thought with this model was “ why over complicate something that can be done in a simple matter” and so the Metro was born. With a basic sliding mechanism the sofa delivers a great experience without having to break the bank. Sometimes less is more, and our customers agree with us.

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