Regular Mattress Dimensions

Mattress Size

Dimensions W x L           

Spaze Sofa Beds


            38" x 75"          

Vida Daybed, Alna Chair Sleeper


 54" x 75"

Coda Sofa Bed


60" x 80"

Alure, Blaine, Noble, Sidney, Oslo, Bergen, Fulton, Marline, Luna


              76" x 80"


What Factors Should I Consider When Choosing a Sofa Bed and the Mattress Size?

When buying a Soa Bed, consider these factors that can affect what mattress size fits your lifestyle:

Room Size: A good way to know what size Sofa Bed will fit into your space is to measure the length and width of the room. Once you have the final measurements, pick the Sofa Bed that most comfortably fits in the room. Remember to consider the dimensions of the bed position and other furniture within the room as well.

Number of Sleepers: A double bed may be just right for a single sleeper, but it can get cramped with two adults should they be using is for more than a couple nights at a time. 

Sleepers' Sizes: For average-sized adults, a queen-sized sofa bed is usually the right choice, but for those who like to move around or those who are bigger and taller than average, a king-sized sofa bed may be an option too. 

Queen-size Sofa Beds are the most popular size. They are large enough for a couple to share, but small enough to fit in most spare rooms. Because queen-size Sofa beds are so popular, you likely won’t have trouble finding one with Spaze Furniture! We have a few to choose from and can help you find the right fit for your space and for your budget.

Dressing your Sofa Bed: 

When it comes to fitted sheets, there’s no mixing and matching. There’s nothing worse than a sheet that’s either too small or too big – particularly for the fitted sheet. No one wants their sheets to spring off in the middle of the night. So, don’t try and skip any corners – literally.

Fitted sheets have corner pockets ranging in depth from 10-14 inches and can go even deeper to 20 inches.  The deep pockets are great to consider when adding Mattress Toppers or the dimensions are slightly different from regular mattress sizes for your sofa bed. 

  • Check fiber content: 100% cotton is the best go-to for durability, breathability.
  • Check thread content: 300-500 thread count is where you will find the quality and softness. 
  • Sateen or Percale: Sateen is usually silky smooth, and Percale is light and crisp. 
  • Remember the pocket depth: make sure to measure before you buy. You should also account for some shrinkage after laundering. 

The rest is personal choice, luscious fabrics will enhance your sleep experience. Duvets, pillows, comforters or blankets its all up to you. We suggest both wash and wear durability coupled with soft, breathable fabrics makes for the perfect sleep on any of our Spaze Sofa Beds.

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