1- Multiple choices at your fingertips, shopping online gives you access to various e-commerce stores such as Spaze Furniture. This means you are able to view within minutes multiple models and styles of sofas and sofa beds. When compared to traditional shopping, online is really the most time efficient way to shop for your new furniture.


2- Customer service, did you ever go to a store and there was no one around to help you out? Well you will never run into that issue online as most modern sites like ours have online chats so you can get all the information you need in a matter of seconds. Besides that the product page is usually very helpful for basic information such as size,fabric and foam. No more waiting around or overly pushy salespeople.


3-No hidden fees, our checkout process is clear and simple there are no loopholes or hidden fees. You are clearly presented with your payment options and the breakdown of your bill. In addition to that you receive an email receipt which is great for the planet.  


4- Coupon codes, most websites will offer you a discount to join their email list, this is a great way to save on a big purchase such as a new sofa/sofa bed. Also because of their lower overhead costs e-commerce stores can offer better discounts and prices to customers, so you can scoop a great piece of furniture at a fraction of the retail price.


5-Return policy, many retail stores will make their return policy very obscure and confusing. We at Spaze that pride in our return policy because it is fair and easy to understand. We want our customers to have the peace of mind that they are able to return items in case it does not fit their needs.

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