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Before you purchase any sofa bed or sleeper sofa, check out the questions most consumers frequently ask about these products to buy sofa beds online and get a more comfortable night's sleep.

A sofa bed is the versatile alternative to a regular sofa or bed and a popular option for consumers who want a comfortable place to sleep and high quality furniture for entertaining, but may not have a lot of available space in which to accommodate multiple pieces.

Sofa beds bring the best of both worlds into the home and they are popular options for New York apartment living where square footage is often at a premium.

Spaze furniture brings a wide selection of high-quality sofa beds to fit any interior décor scheme, any size room, and any budget. Select from two seaters, three seaters, and sectional sofa options, Spaze sofa beds are for shoppers who want the flexibility to choose how they utilize their living space.

A couch for seating any time of the day converts into a bed for a good night's sleep. In the morning, simply return the sofa bed to a seating position or leave it as is to keep the bed at full extension.

Spaze sofa beds have been designed and manufactured to be used as regular sofas, offering you the comfort, support, and versatility of a couch or sofa in a variety of sizes at multiple price points. You decide when to use it as a regular sofa and when to use it as a bed.

Some models of Spaze sofa beds offer multi-purpose functionality that allows you the choice to sit, lounge, or rest whenever you wish. This forward-thinking approach to design is just one of the many reasons why Spaze is among the top brands in the industry.

Due to their multifunctionality, the cushions of a Spaze sofa bed are typically more firm than what you would find on a normal sofa or couch. That additional firmness is found in the high-density foam that provides ample back support for a comfortable night's sleep. Your overnight guests will thank you in the morning when they wake up refreshed and free from back pain and stiffness.

Another way to ensure complete and total comfort when sleeping on a Spaze sofa bed is to purchase the size that fits best for your living space and offers enough room for those who plan to sleep on the sofa bed. Spaze sofa beds are available in different sizes to accommodate multiple guests for a short visit or a longer stay.

Spaze sofa beds are sold in compact two seat sofa beds, three seat sofa beds, and sectional sofa beds. Combining a compact profile with multi-purpose functionality, Spaze sofa beds fold out into queen size beds that are large enough to keep two or three guests sleeping soundly throughout the night without bothering each other.

For consumers who need a little extra room, Spaze also makes king size sofa bed options as well. Each size and model of Spaze sofa beds offer special features to provide maximum comfort, affordability, and even storage options to help conserve precious space in smaller apartments with ease. You can select Spaze sofa beds with or without armrests to match your home's decor and add a minimalist aesthetic to your furnishings.

Remember, as with all Spaze sofa bed purchases, be sure you have measured the space in which you plan to use the product so you have enough area to accommodate the size of the sofa bed without interfering with normal movement through the room. These products are built to be compact furnishings for homes with limited square footage but in order to know which size and model is best for your space, take measurements and account for using the furniture piece as a sofa and a bed to help better inform your purchase.

A Spaze sofa bed does not require a mattress nor are any of these sofa beds equipped with one. The cushions of the sofa bed are made from high-density foam that is firmer than a typical sofa. Keep in mind, this increased firmness is necessary as the cushions will see an increased wear and tear for both seating and sleeping. This helps to maintain the quality of the product so that it lasts for many years to come.

A good place to start is by reading reviews of satisfied customers who have purchased Spaze sofa beds and enjoyed the superior quality and functionality. Honest opinions of the product will go a long way to helping you decide if a Spaze sofa bed is the right furniture for your home.

Another way to know if one sofa bed offers better quality over another is by reseaching how the product is designed and manufactured, comparing your options and deciding for yourself which product offers better value for the money.

Spaze sofa beds are manufactured with quality materials that are built to last, using sturdy and resilient metal frames that can withstand the natural wear and tear that comes with using this type of furniture on a routine basis.

Consumers who purchase a Spaze sofa bed and want extra comfort when they sleep can use a memory foam topper should they feel the cushions are too firm for their liking. Memory foam toppers should be at least 1.5 inches thick for a softer surface and more pleasing rest, but thicker mattresses can also be used to meet the personal preference of the individual or individuals who will be sleeping on the sofa bed.

But that is where the compatibility ends. The memory foam topper must be removed before returning the sofa bed to a seating position. The mattress is not meant to fit on the sofa bed at any other time and should not be used when sitting on the sofa.

The advantage of choosing a Spaze sofa bed over a regular sofa or traditional bed is that you don't need to take up extra space to enjoy extra comfort. Among the many exciting features that come with Spaze sofa beds is the "wall hugger" option which doesn't require you to move the sofa bed away from the wall when you want to open and close it. This helps to conserve floor space and avoid the unnecessary hassle of shifting the sofa back and forth across the floor just to fold and unfold it from a bed to a sofa.