We here at Spaze have focused our efforts in creating the best space saving furniture for an affordable price. With years of experience and always listening to our customers we think we have some of the best smart furniture on the market. Here are a few reasons our sofa beds stand out:

Removable Fabric Cover:

One of the unique features of our sofa beds is its removable fabric cover, this amazing aspect of our sofa sleeper allows users to remove the fabric and have it dry cleaned extending its life. In the long term you could also order spare covers allowing you to change up the look of your sofa bed without having to buy a whole new piece.

Opening Mechanisms:

We have a few opening mechanisms for our sofa beds so you can find one that fits your needs. Some of our most popular models have the ratchet back with five positions that allows you to pick between multiple back angles allowing you to sit, lounge or sleep all in just a few clicks. Another popular opening mechanism is the wall hugger pivot that allows you to fold out the sofa sleeper without having to move it away from the wall.

Heavy Duty Metal Frame:

The construction of our sofa beds is another important feature, we utilize heavy duty metal frames and temperature treated hinges to ensure all moving parts are sturdy and perform perfectly. To back it all up we offer a 3 year limited warranty on our frames so you know we mean business.

High Density Foam:

The foam used in our sofa sleeper is also very unique, instead of cheaping out and using recycled foam we use high density foam meant to be used for extensive use. In compassion with its counterpart high density foam can hold its shape and is more comfortable making it the clear superior choice.

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