If you are an urban dweller living in a studio apartment you know the struggle of managing space, when your living room is also your bedroom hard decisions have to be made when it comes to furniture, especially if you still want to accommodate guests. 

Studio life is not easy but it can become better with the right set up. If you are not one of those people that are going to be okay with having a conventional bed in the middle of the room you are usually left with two choices: either a sofa bed or a wall bed. But these items of furniture both have their pros and cons here is a full breakdown of them.

Wall Beds: 

First let's make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to wall beds: A wall bed is essentially a platform bed with a hinge connecting it to the wall. When not in use, the entire platform swings up against the wall. This style of bed is often referred to as a Murphy bed. The Murphy bed is actually a brand of wall bed, but the name is now synonymous with wall beds in general.

Now that we are all the same page what are the pro of a wall bed:

  • Comfort! This new generation of wall beds comes with a memory foam mattress so they are extremely comfortable!

  • Footprint, a wall bed once closed usually takes up to 1/8 of the footprint of a conventional bed.

  • Multifunctional, many wall beds have modular storage, sofas or tables as an add on.

  • Easy to operate, with hydraulics wall beds are extremely easy to open and close, and most of them have space for your pillow and blanket so there is no need to set up every time.

Cons of wall beds:

  • Price, wall beds are a big investment they usually range from 4k-10k but if you buy a quality one it should last you over a decade.

  • Mobility, once you set up a wall bed you most likely will not want to move it, so make sure you like the positioning.

Sofa Beds: Again just to ensure we are all on the same page. Sofa beds are sofas that can transform into beds this can be done by many different mechanisms. But the most common one is the pull out which contains a memory foam mattress inside.

Okay great now what are the pros of a sofa bed:

  • Price, sofa beds are very affordable when compared to wall beds, when the top of line sofa beds will only cost you half of a sofa bed.

  • Style, sofa beds have gotten so good nowadays that you would not be able to tell the difference between and a normal sofa. That is great for when you have visits over as your space can easily transform into a normal living room.

  • Mobility, sofa beds are capable of being moved around, this is great if you are renting or an indecisive person. 

Now for the cons:

  • Comfort, in general sofa beds have slimmer mattresses and that means less comfort. But don’t let that scare you there are still a great option.

  • Easy to operate, although the mechanism in sofa beds have improved they are still harder to use than a wall bed. In addition to that you cannot store your pillow and blanket with the mattress adding an extra step to the process. 

Overall both options have their pros and cons. It is up to you to evaluate what fits your needs the best!

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