When a small room is perfectly decorated with all your favorite home decor, but lacks extra space, you need a space-saving solution for your occasional guests. Luckily, sofa beds come in versatile shapes, sizes, and colors to suit any room size and home decor style. 

From futons to sleeper sofas, our experts at SPAZE know a thing or two about choosing the right sofa bed for your space. This buyer’s guide will tell you everything you need to know about the different types of sofa beds, as well as how they can blend with your existing home decor.

Sofa Bed Styles Finding The Right Fit

Why Consider a Sofa Bed For Your Home?

Sofa beds are the most versatile and aesthetic choice when trying to save space in your guest bedroom, living room, office, or any spare rooms you may have. Regardless of the type of sofa bed, they offer all the style of a traditional sofa while adding additional functionality. During the day, you have comfortable seating space for all your guests, while at night, you’ll have extra sleeping space.

Exploring Sofa Bed Styles

Certain sofa bed styles will work better for your needs depending on the size of the room you’re working with, the location of the sofa bed, and the overall aesthetic. To explore these styles, here is a comprehensive guide:

1. Sofa Bed

Characterized by clean lines, sleek designs, and often featuring engineered wood or metal frames, sofa beds are a compact and affordable choice that works for almost any space. Unlike sleeper sofas, sofa beds lack a separate mattress. Instead, the sofa cushions fold down to create a flat, even sleeping surface for guests. 

Sofa beds are ideal for small spaces, and can be turned into a bed quickly and easily at a moment’s notice. This makes them perfect for occasional guests and surprise overnight stays. They also tend to be more affordable, though this may come at the cost of available sleeping space.

2. Sectional Sofa Bed

If you have enough space for a larger sofa bed, consider sectional options. These sofa beds come with a place to rest your feet, additional storage, and a large sleeping area for overnight guests. 

Being highly functional and able to accommodate many guests, sectional sofa beds are the stand-out feature of any living space. Remember that the larger size, extra features, and other accessories come with a higher price tag.

3. Futon

Simple and easy-to-use, futon-style sofa beds are a great choice for a small space with modern aesthetics. While their construction varies, the primary difference between a futon and a sofa bed is the lack of the sofa's arms. Futons can also have an adjustable bi-fold or tri-fold frame.

If you have a tight budget and need to find solutions for small apartments or guest rooms, futons are arguably the best choice. They’re incredibly lightweight, easy to unfold, and will match most home decor styles. However, do keep in mind that futons generally have a less personalized appearance than other sofa bed styles.

4. Daybed

Available in both large and small sizes, daybeds are a great choice for offices, spare rooms, and other places in your home not traditionally associated with sleeping. This style of sofa bed doesn’t fold out, instead functioning as a static sitting or sleeping space that can be decorated to match your home decor. 

Daybeds are highly versatile, convenient, and affordable. They’re easy to position and move without factoring in the extra space needed for a pull-out mechanism. However, this option might not be the best for formal living rooms or traditional guest rooms.

5. Chair Sleepers

Functional in even the tightest of spaces, chair sleepers can provide a comfortable sleeping and sitting space in any room of the house. Typically the size of a twin mattress, this style of sofa bed functions as a chair in the daytime, and folds out to become a bed at night.

Chair sleepers are highly affordable, easy to use, and can match the home decor of any room. Of course, do keep in mind that they can only sleep one guest.

Sofa Bed Styles Finding 3

Choosing the Right Sofa Bed For Home

There are many factors to consider when looking at sofa beds, with the best sofa beds marrying both functionality and style. Here’s what to consider when searching for a high-quality sofa bed:

The Size of The Sofa Bed and Your Available Space

Before anything else, you should first assess the available space in your chosen room. Carefully measure the dimensions of the room and the area you want to add the sofa bed to. This will allow you to determine which options fit comfortably without overwhelming the area. Depending on the style of the sofa bed, you’ll have to consider:

  • Mattress size: Sleeper sofa and sofa bed mattresses range from twin size to king size, with the pull-out options typically being larger. The average twin mattress is 38” x 75”, while the average queen mattress is 60” x 80”. 
  • Sofa size: When in the form of a traditional sofa, your sofa bed will have different measurements. Sleeper chairs can be as small as 30" H X 36" W X 33" D, with sectional sofa beds being much larger (e.g. 33" H X 102" W X 62" D).
  • Sofa style: something as simple as the size of a sofa’s arms can impact how well it fits in your space. Futons and daybeds are the most versatile in this regard.

Style and Fabric Choices

Before buying a sofa bed, take a moment to observe the room’s decor and color palette. Understanding the current aesthetic of your room is crucial to choosing a sofa bed that creates a cohesive look. Consider how certain colors and sofa fabrics will blend or create contrast, and don’t be afraid to research your favorite home decor styles.

Look For High-Quality

High-quality sofa beds will be more comfortable, last longer, and include useful features. Some of these features might include a memory foam mattress, extra storage, or a protective warranty. The mechanisms on a high-quality sleeper sofa or sofa bed are also less likely to malfunction, saving you time and money in the long run.

Know Your Budget

The bed sofa beds are affordable for their level of quality, but it is worth noting that the highest quality tends to come with a larger price tag. If you know what sofa bed features are essential to you, craft a realistic budget before your search. Here are some tips for how to set your budget and get the best possible deals on a new sofa bed:

  • Assess the cost of your favorite features
  • Set a price range that works for your budget 
  • Compare sofa beds from different brands 
  • Stay on top of sales and promos
  • Remember to account for possible shipping and delivery costs
  • Decide whether you need additional assembly services

Find Sofa Beds Perfect For Your Guest Room

Looking for different sofa bed styles that work for any room? At SPAZE, we pride ourselves on offering space-saving sofa beds available in several different colors and sizes. 

From chair sleepers to 3-seat sofa beds, you can explore cozy sofa beds that fit any space in 8 unique colors. Need a small light-colored chair sleeper or a larger, dark sofa? We have it all! 

So, if you want to save money while keeping your living room functional and stylish, get started on our website, or contact us at 1-866-520-0755 and contact@spazefurniture.com.

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