If you want to modernize your home an upgrade in furniture is usually a great place to start. With our wide selection of smart furniture items you can be sure you will find the correct items for your needs. Our designers have focused their efforts on creating pieces that look great and offer multiple functions so that you can get more out of your small living space. 

Some of our favorite smart pieces are our sofa beds, sleeper chairs, coffee tables and expandable dining tables. Here are some prime examples:

Sofa Beds- The Ardina Sofa Bed:

Our Ardina sofa bed is built with a heavy duty metal frame and high-density foam. Imagine you and a friend are sitting on this two-seater sofa and one of you decides you want to stretch your legs. Simply extend the mattress on the side you’re sitting on, and you have a lounger on one side, and a sofa chair on the other! Did we forget to mention? It has a swivel function!

Sleeper Chairs- Alna Chair Sleeper:

The Alna chair sleeper is everything you would hope for in an accent chair and more. Some of the reasons our customers love this item so much are the incredible selection of colors and fabrics as well as the 5 different back positions.

Coffee Tables- Venera Coffee Table:

The Venera lift top coffee table is a compact coffee table with storage for your home office goods and a lift table top so that you can comfortably work from your couch. Say goodbye to that back pain from working from your lap and allow yourself to sit up straight with this modern sleek coffee table.

Dining Table- The Twirl Dining Table:

This sleek dining table is an amazing choice for someone who is looking to save space but still wants to have dinner guests. In just a few seconds you can rotate the table top and unfold this table to double in size. Once expanded this table can sit up to 6 people!

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