Everything starts with the right choice:

Think about your home environment, if you have pets or kids’ synthetic fabrics are a great choice as they can really take on that abuse. Another thing to consider is color, light color couches can stain more easily so choose dark colors if your environment is prone to messes.

Location is key:

Placing your furniture in direct sunlight can seriously decrease its life. The sun is pretty powerful and can fade and even crack your upholstery. So, to extend the life of your piece place it where it does not get too much sunlight and if required install curtains to reduce exposure.

Regular Maintenance:

One of the main issues with older sofas is uneven ware, if you are able to rotate your cushions periodically it can make a huge difference on the long run. Vacuum the upholstered every week to prevent dirty to embed into the fabric and remove any other surface particles.

Follow the Correct Cleaning Methods:

“W” – Use a water-based cleaner on the fabric or upholstery. You may also use an upholstery fabric steam cleaner to remove dirt and stains. This symbol does not mean the fabric is washing-machine safe.

“S” – The fabric or upholstery is dry-clean only. It is safe to spot-clean the fabric with cleaning solvents to avoid stains and dirt buildup.

“S/W” – Water-based and solvent-based cleaners are safe for spot-cleaning stains. For a deeper clean, have the fabric professionally dry-cleaned.

“WASH” – Wash the fabric in the washing machine, in cold water and on a delicate setting. Air-dry or tumble dry on a low heat setting.

“X” – The item can only be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner 




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