Sleeping on a sofa bed doesn’t mean you need to go without sheets, blankets, or pillowcases. When you convert your sofa into a bed, the sleeping surface is intended to offer the same effortless comfort as a traditional bed. So that means you should be able to outfit it with a sheet set of your choice. 

But which size sheets are going to fit your sofa bed the best? Are there certain guidelines or considerations you need to keep in mind when choosing the sheets that are right for your sofa bed? Read on as we cover all of the essentials you need to know for getting a good night’s sleep on your sofa bed.

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Sheet Sizes for Your Sofa Bed

When you purchased your sofa bed, you most likely made your decision based on the size of the sofa and the size of the sleeping surface when open. Consumers will often choose the sofa bed that’s right for them based on the measurements of the space where the furniture will be located. Sofa beds are ideal for rooms where floor space is at a premium and you wouldn’t buy a sofa bed without knowing it will fit in both open and closed positions.

Chances are you already know the size of your sofa bed. But when in doubt, always measure first then buy. Just like you did when you bought the sofa bed itself, you want to be sure you know which bed sheet size will fit best.

Sofa Bed Sizes

The sleeping surface sizes of sofa beds go by the same classifications as traditional beds. Therefore, you can have a twin size, a full size, a queen size, or king size sofa bed. However, just because you have a certain size sofa bed doesn’t always mean you can automatically use the same sheets you might use for a traditional bed of that size.

Twin Sofa Beds

The standard dimensions of a twin size traditional bed mattress are about 38 x 75 inches and just about all sofa beds of that size are very similar to those approximate measurements. If you already own a twin bed sheet set for a twin traditional mattress, you should have no problem using them on your sofa bed surface.

Full Sofa Beds

The standard dimensions of a full size traditional bed mattress are about 54 x 75 inches. But a full size sofa bed does not match these same measurements, with a somewhat shorter sleeping surface. So while a full size fitted sheet will slip snug and tight on a traditional full size mattress, it will not fit as tight and clean on a full size sofa bed. There will be some extra material at the head or foot of the sofa bed sleeping surface. It may not look pretty but the sheets will be functional for the purpose.

Queen Sofa Beds

Traditional queen size mattress dimensions measure 60 x 80 inches. But those measurements don’t correspond to queen size sofa beds as the sleeping surface is shorter in length by approximately six inches. So using regular queen size sheets that are designed for a traditional queen mattress will not result in a tight, snug fit. Instead, the fitted sheet will be considerably looser and ill-fitting. You may even wake up in the morning with a fitted sheet that has slipped off the open sofa bed entirely.

King Sofa Beds

Some king sofa beds share similar approximate measurements as traditional king mattresses at 76 x 80 inches. But others do not fit the same precise dimensions, so it all depends on the model of your sofa bed to determine if a standard king size sheet set will fit properly. This is another great opportunity to remind you to measure, measure, measure before you buy a new sheet set or rely on a sheet set you already own to furnish your sofa bed for a comfortable night’s sleep.

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Using a Mattress Topper for Additional Comfort

Some sofa bed owners will add a mattress topper or mattress pad on top of the open sleeping surface of the sofa bed for back support and comfort. If you are planning to put on a topper or pad before you go to sleep, be sure to account for this extra height on your sleeping surface as you decide on the size of sheets you expect to use.

The fitted sheet is intended to be fit over the entire sleeping surface and that includes the mattress topper or pad.

Just don’t expect the mattress topper to help you pick up the loose slack on a sheet set that is slightly larger than the sofa bed surface. You will probably need to tuck in the extra material for a cleaner, neater appearance. This will also help to prevent the mattress topper from slipping or  sliding out of place while you sleep.

As for using a sheet set that is the proper size for your sofa bed, be sure to have a fitted sheet with deeper corner pockets to accommodate the height of the mattress topper or pad you are planning to place atop the sofa bed surface.

Finding the Right Sheets for Your Sofa Bed

Now is the time to go look in your linen closet to see which sheet sets you own and if they are going to be adequate enough to fit your sofa bed. If not, you do have options as there are many online and brick and mortar retailers who sell special sofa bed sheet sets that are designed and manufactured to fit your sofa bed without coming loose at the corners or sagging along the edges. 

Sheets are important to a good night’s sleep, even in the summer when hot nights might have you thinking twice about getting cozy beneath your bedding. 

Just remember, when you do purchase a sofa bed sheet set, make sure you measure your sofa bed first and then buy the sheet set made for your particular sofa bed size. The more you know before you buy, the better off you will be with the right product.

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