A Daybed is an elegant piece of furniture that does get overlooked at times, but its design and function cannot be denied. This intelligent piece of furniture is a really smart solution to a tiny living space as it can double as a sofa or a bed making it perfect for studios or to accommodate your guests overnight.

Daybeds can come in many different forms, some look more like deep benches and have a minimalistic feel. Others are more traditional with back and arm rests providing back support to its users. But our favorite is a hybrid of both styles, an example of this unique design is the Lucca Daybed.


The Lucca Daybed is truly a unique piece of modern furniture, with its premium velvet fabric and weighted back cushions you are sure to find yourself extremely comfortable either sitting, lounging or sleeping on this daybed. And when you take into consideration the build quality of this daybed with its high density memory foam, reinforced wooden frame and sturdy metal legs you can see why this daybed is a superior choice in the market.

Overall even if the Lucca is not your type, you should still consider a daybed for your home as they are extremely versatile pieces of furniture that can offer great function and look incredible while doing so.

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