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Lift top Coffee Table

A coffee table can offer you much more than just a place to rest your mug on, just check out our lift top coffee table. They will revolutionize your living room.

Functional Office Desk

A spacious workspace when needed and a compact desk when not in use, our functional office desk offers the best of both worlds.

Expandable Dining Table

With an expandable dining table you can finally host the dinner party of your dreams without the need of a huge old school table.

Amazing Quality Made with Premium Materials.

  • Reinforced Frame

    Our frames have reinforced corners to ensure stability

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  • E1 Melamine

    High quality melamine,made ot be easy to clean and durable

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  • Innovative Design

    Unique mechanism to maximize space and function

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Lift Top Coffee Table and Extendable Dining Table

Designed at Lift Top Coffee Table, Extendable Dining Table is perfect for TV dinners for one. It’s also wonderful as an end Home Office desk, which you can slide over the top of your Lift Top Coffee Table. This affordable modern furniture piece, made with a heavy duty metal frame and tempered glass, moves throughout the room as you do.

  • Lift Top Coffee Table
  • Extendable Dining Table
  • Home Office desk


Home Office desk and Expandable Dining table Vancouver

Modern Dining Table have room for both a coffee table and a dining table? No worries—there's Transforming Coffee Table! This beautiful piece of affordable modern furniture is ingeniously designed with Lift Top Coffee Table Canada that transforms it from a Coffee Table with Storage position to a dining table Vancouver.

  • Expandable Dining table
  • Coffee Table Vancouver
  • Home Office desk