When shopping for a new wall bed customers can be confused by the different options there are in the Vancouver market. Today we will break down the difference between a lower end wall bed and our products. We hope that this analysis will help customers to make a better informed decision and consequently have a great purchasing experience.  


#1 The Base/Frame:

The first thing you need to consider when purchasing a wall bed is its structural integrity, this means to analyze the materials used to construct the wall bed. In our products board we utilize E1 melamine boards known for their durability and sturdiness, and for our frame we use a reinforced heavy duty metal frame to ensure your piece will last you many years. When looking at the competition their boards tend to be thinner and their frames are usually not reinforced making for a weaker frame. Many companies also cut costs by removing sections of the back boards since the wall bed will be against a wall, if you see a wall bed without a backboard know that it is a lower quality model.  



#2 Opening Mechanism:

When it comes to opening mechanisms there are two main options in the market, the lower end models will use springs to assist their mechanism while the higher end models like our wall beds will use a hydraulic piston. You should always opt for the hydraulics as they are 5 times more durable and will provide you with a super easy opening /closing experience.



#3 Mattress:

Mattresses vary a lot when looking at wall beds, some of the lower end models will not include a mattress to reduce costs, others include very thin mattresses that you will have to replace for a decent night of sleep. We include an extremely comfortable 6 inch memory foam mattress that is sure to keep you comfy all night long.



4# Delivery and Assembly Service:

Look out for delivery and assembly fees. Many companies will have extremely low prices but when you get to check out there is an additional 30% for delivery and assembly fees. We offer all inclusive pricing, our delivery and assembly is included so you don't have to worry about any unexpected charges at the checkout.