With apartments becoming smaller every year the need to maximize space is a real requirement, many apartment owners are opting for wall beds as a smart solution to this issue. But not all wall beds are made the same, and with a high dollar value you do not want to get the wrong one! Therefore here are a couple things to look for when shopping for a new wall bed.


Make sure to measure your space well before your start shopping. And with wall beds a common mistake is to forget to account for the aerial space the wall bed takes when opening and closing. This means no low hanging lights or floating shelves around the wall bed footprint. 

Also wall beds are probably more like a kitchen cabinet than a bed when it comes to relocation, so make sure you know the room of choice and location beforehand, you do not want to move them once installed.


The industry has 2 types of mechanism for modern wall beds.The first is a spring loaded bed which does the job if not used frequently but over time will decompress leaving you with an extremely heavy bed to put away. The second common mechanism is a hydraulic piston, this option although more expensive is worth the money especially if you plan to use the bed as your daily sleeper. 


Murphy beds can come in two orientations vertical or horizontal. Both with their advantages, a vertical wall bed has a smaller footprint but usually requires a high ceiling and does not offer storage on top of the unit. Horizontal beds are not as popular but they can offer a solution for people who do not have the vertical space.

Delivery and Assembly:

Wall beds are notoriously difficult to put together, so when purchasing a new one make sure you check delivery and assembly fees. Some companies will discount their products and increase associated fees to make their offers look more attractive, so make sure you check the complete price of the unit. Luckily Spaze offers all inclusive rates on our wall beds this includes delivery assembly and your memory foam mattress.