Longevity is an important aspect of our furniture, during our design and development process we are always focusing on using the best quality materials so our customers can enjoy our products for many years without any issues. We produce our products in our own factory while many of our competitor outsource production, here are the key features that allow our products to last a long time:


For our metal frame sofa beds we use heavy duty metal tubing for the main frame structure, on top of that base we add a durable metal mesh to better distribute the weight. This combination ensures our frames are solid and will not bend over extensive daily use. We also temperature treat all our hinges by exposing the metal hinge to extreme temperatures, then dropping it into freezing cold water. By repeating this process five times, we strengthen the metal hinge, ensuring the teeth inside the mechanism won’t strip over time even if you fold and unfold your sleeper chair every day. This hot/cold treatment is one of the reasons we confidently stand behind our three year limited warranty.

In our wood frame sofas we go above and beyond to ensure structural integrity, we utilize both metal brackets and wooden triangles at the edges to reinforce the frame as well as a metal bar to ensure the frame has very little flex. On top of that we use nylon brackets to attach our springs so that your sofa is completely squeak free. These measures ensure our wooden frames are made to last you a very long time.


The most popular option in our website are the polyester fabric sofa/sofa beds. The main characteristic of this fabric is its strength and durability especially when sourced from a quality manufacturer polyester fabrics can withstand years of use without showing signs of damage. This fabric is also known for its easy to clean and quick dry capabilities when compared to other fabrics such as cotton blends.


For all our models we use high density foam for our padding. This type of foam provides a significant amount of back support, and it will retract to its original position after it is subject to pressure. We only use new foam in our products (no recycled or used foam) because this helps us ensure it is free of any formaldehyde or toxic gases, which are often used when combining pieces of recycled foam. On top of our foam comes a layer of Dacron, a type of felt which helps keep the foam in place keeping the sofa/sofa bed or chair feeling nice and soft underneath you. And before the final fabric layer, we add an inside cover allowing most of our products to have a removable dry cleanable cover.