We want our customers to be informed when shopping our products, and we know one of the most challenging parts of committing to an online purchase is that you are unable to experience the product first. Because of that we have introduced a new scale from 1-5 on the firmness of our products. We hope that this data will help our customers find the perfect sofa for them. But we understand that comfort is subject and that our scale might not fit everyone preference.


Level 1:

Level 1 is the firmest seat we carry on Spaze. It doesn’t mean it’s uncomfortable. It is suitable for people who like firmer seating. We don't have level 1 items at the moment.



Level 2:

Level 2 is softer compared to Number 1. Since the sofa/ sofa bed is built with metal frame, the seat feeling will be still on the firmer side. Because of high density foam, you will not feel the frame through the foam.



Level 3:

Level 3 is comfortable. The seat is medium softness. Do not expect to sink into this sofa/ sofa bed. Most of them are sofa beds built with metal frame to have longer life span. When it’s meal frame, the seating is firmer. Because it has bed function, our high-density foam is firmer to provide enough support during sleep.



Level 4:

Level 4 sofa/ sofa bed is a great option for people who prefer a soft seating but still want back support. Most of our seat structures here are built with solid pine wooden frame. The wood frame has more give and flex in result of a more comfortable experience.



Level 5:

Level 5 sofa is recommended for people who prefer an extra deep seating and some back support. These sofas usually have removable back cushions for extra comfort and made with solid pine wooden frames for extra flex.



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