Compact Sofas

One of the biggest movements we have observed in the industry is the use of slim and compact sofas instead of over-sized pieces, this trend is influenced by social economic factors such as the population becoming more urban and the cost of real estate constantly going up. We believe people are opting for smaller sofas simply because that is what fits their new apartments, and instead of giving up too much square footage to a sofa we are seeing a rise of small sofas grouped with accent chairs or a lift top coffee table.


Curvy But Simple

An interesting trend we have noticed is the increase in curvy designs such as our on Roslyn sofa, these models offer an elegant vintage look without being too radical. If you are thinking about a curvy sofa we would suggest neutral colors such as greys, so that the sofa does not overpower your room.


Convertible Sofas

Well the truth is not everyone has the luxury of having a spare bedroom for guests, but this should not stop you from having people over. That is why many people are opting for sofa beds in their living room instead of regular sofas. In addition to that sofa beds have truly advanced in both comfort and appearance nowadays you can get a sofa sleeper that offers a queen size bed that looks better than a regular sofa, just have a look at our Oslo 2S sofa bed.


Fabric Choices

The most exciting trend in our opinion is the changes in fabric choices, and by that we mean velvet is back! And it is better than before with advances in fabric technology the velvet you can find in our sofa such as the Bonapart and Brockton is leaps from the stuff used back in the days. Our velvet is made to last and look great over extensive use. So don’t be afraid to purchase a velvet sofa because the stuff is amazing, it looks great, feels amazing and performs just like other fabrics.