Life is messy and spills can happen at any point, with this in mind our design team has created numerous sofa beds with removable covers. This unique feature extends the life of your sofa bed and gives you the opportunity to dry clean it at any point. Here is a list of our best selling sofa beds with removable covers:

Alure Sofa Bed:

A modern sofa bed with sleek metal arms and a queen size sleeping area, the Alure is the perfect piece of smart furniture for your apartment. With its unique wall hugger feature this sofa bed can be placed right against the wall and can open to a bed without having to move it away from the wall. In addition to that the removable fabric cover makes it easy to keep this sofa bed clean over the years. 

Oslo Sofa Bed:

A classic Spaze Sofa bed the Oslo is a compact queen size sofa bed with 5 different back positions and of course a removable fabric cover. This sofa bed is perfect for small spaces and home offices making it one of our best sellers.

Coda 2s Sofa Bed:

This sofa bed is the perfect solution for small spaces, with a petite size measuring at 55.5 inches this sofa bed is in a category of its own. Other features that made this sofa bed such a great seller are the high density foam, premium fabric and the removable fabric cover.

Ardina Sofa Bed:

If you want the most function for your money the Ardina is the one you are looking for, with a swivel motion, individual reclining chairs and a king size sofa bed this sofa bed offers it all at an affordable price. Both sides of this sofa come equipped with removable fabric covers making it easy to keep this modern piece of furniture clean.