A sofa bed with a removable fabric cover just makes sense, because let's be honest life is messy and it's unavoidable to drop some salsa on nacho night or spill a little wine when you are telling a story to your friends. That's why many of our sofa beds come equipped with a removable fabric cover so you can just unzip and take it to the dry cleaner.

Here are some of our favorite sofa beds with removable covers:

Alure Sofa Bed:

With a compact design and innovative mechanism the Alure sofa bed is the perfect piece for your living room. This sofa sleeper is designed for the modern home and delivers a queen size sleeping area while measuring in at only 64 inches.

Oslo 2S Sofa Bed:

This sleeper sofa is as smart as it is stylish. Comes with queen size sleeping area, metal frame, and high density foam. Peruse our selection of intelligently designed, multi-functional pieces.

Coda 2S Sofa Bed:

It starts out as a stylish double sofa, then with a few clicks of its ratchet back with five positions it unfolds into first, a sleek lounger, and then a bed. Manufactured with a heavy duty metal frame and detachable dry cleanable covers, Coda was built to withstand daily wear and tear.

Ardina Sofa Bed:

Our Ardina sofa bed is built with a heavy duty metal frame and high-density foam. Imagine you and a friend are sitting on this two-seater sofa and one of you decides you want to stretch your legs. Simply extend the mattress on the side you’re sitting on, and you have a lounger on one side, and a sofa chair on the other! Did we forget to mention? It has a swivel function!