Looking forward to the upcoming year there are some new and exciting trends for sofa beds. As experts in this furniture category we are happy to share what our research has taught us about the future of sofa beds. 

#1- Compact Queen Size Sofa Beds. 

One of the clear trends is sofa beds that are compact in size yet offer a queen size bed. This combination has proven to offer the best function for small spaces looking to accommodate guests. 

#2- Bright Color Sofa Beds.

With a rise of colorful spaces and unique designs the uptrend of colorful sofa beds also follows this trajectory. This trend might not last forever but we are still offering brightly colored sofa beds such as the Alure Tuscany Yellow. 

#3- Sofa Beds With Internal Storage

Another common feature we notice in our best sellers is an internal storage compartment. This feature's popularity is obvious since it allows customers to store additional pillows or bed sheets inside the sofa bed, saving them even more space.

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