Some days, it can be hard to find the motivation to get to work, especially if you work from the comfort of your home. But we bet you wouldn’t mind rolling up your sleeves if your spaced looked amazing, was comfortable and functional! 

Tip #1
Consider multipurpose furniture: If you are working with a limited space multipurpose furniture is your best friend to make the most of your office. A great way to maximize your space is to have an expandable table so that you can tuck it away once you are done.
 Expandable Office Table
Tip #2
Incorporate color: Most people don’t think about it, but color can be a huge influencer on mood and productivity. We suggest you incorporate colors such as light blues and green to maintain energy levels at an all-time high. You can either go all in and paint the walls or just implement this suggest into your décor.
Tip #3
Lighting is key: A good home office allows plenty of natural light in, without glaring up your computer screen (you’re going to be looking at it all day; no sense in having to spend the day squinting). Consider how you can arrange your office to get the most natural light on your workspace without getting it directly on your screen.
Tip #4
Consider a sofa bed our chair sleeper: If you are privileged enough to have a large home office consider putting in there a sofa bed or chair sleeper instead of regular furniture. This simple change can make your home office have a completely new function, it could now accommodate your guests when needed and once they are gone it can go back to an elegant work space.
Tip #5
Declutter: Even if you are anti-minimalist, you should declutter. You can still keep plenty of stuff around – we’re defining clutter here as distracting material, including mess. Nothing is worse for your mental state than living and operating in a mess. 

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