From industry standards to common knowledge here is what you need to know before going shopping.

Know Your Frame:

Frames can usually be broken down to 3 different types: wood, metal or mixed.

Wood frames are great for comfort and when done right can last many years but pay attention to the sofa before buying you don’t want anything that wobbles or leans.

Metal frames are usually found on higher end models and sofa beds sue to their structure integrity a metal frame can give a sofa a firmer seating, but it also ensures that the sofa will not sag over time.

Mixed frames are frames with both wood and metal construction, they are rather to come by but if you do encounter one of these make sure to look at the attachment point between the wood and the metal to ensure they are using screws and not nails or staples.

Check the Springs:

Make sure you check the spring system used in the sofa before purchasing, this can make the difference between a sofa that lasts you 1 year or 5 years. Most sofa now days use metal brackets to deliver a spring like sensation. But some manufactures cheap out in this part and the result is a squeaky sofa. Look for sofa with nylon brackets to ensure a squeaky free experience

Check the Cushions:

Your cushion is very important to the longevity of your furniture. The problem is that it is almost impossible to tell what is inside your piece unless the information is available. So before purchasing a new sofa for example ask if the piece has a high-density foam and remember to stay away from recycle foam. Many manufactures cut cost by using a blend of new and recycle foam this mixture creates uneven ware and can lead to depressions on your sofa.  


Fabric is usually pretty straight forward, make sure you pick one that fits your lifestyle. If you have kids or pets’ syntactic fabrics will last you the longer, another good alternative is leather but be careful as quality varies a lot and poor-quality leather can scratch easily. An industry spec that you want to look for is rub count, this means the number of rubs before the fabric shows any type of wear a good number is in-between 30,000-50,000.

For extending the life of your couch even further look for sofas with removable covers, this will allow you to dry clean the sofa in an easy and effective way.

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