If you live in a small apartment or studio it can be challenging to sacrifice your limited square footage for a dining room table, with this issue in mind we have designed the Lift Coffee Table, an innovative solution that allows you to use your coffee table as a dining room table when needed.


First let's talk about the construction of this table, with a metal frame made of heavy duty metal this table is able to withstand the weight of a large dinner party without any stability issues. And with the 3D melamine top the clean up will be easy as just a few wipes. Other notable features are the temperature treated hinges making opening and closing this table a smooth operation.



Now for what truly sets this table apart, the lift mechanism. This innovative function allows you to elevate the table top to your desired height so that you can use this table as a coffee table, work desk or dining table. We also have packed in an extendable function that doubles your surface area making it perfect to host family and friends.


With such a great built quality and amazing function it's easy to see why the lift coffee table is a great option to get more out of your small apartment or studio.

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