If you are looking for a new piece of furniture you have probably come across metal and wooden legs as they are the most popular materials used by the industry. Both of these options have their advantages and disadvantages. So before you pick your new sofa, sofa bed, sectional or chair consider these 4 categories: 

Cost: Price is often times the first consideration of many customers when it comes to  furniture. In this case, however, the price difference between leg components is insignificant compared to the price of a sofa itself, so this should be of little concern.  

Durability: As you might imagine, steel components do tend to offer a bit more durability than their wooden counterparts. However, as long as your sofa is treated (and, more importantly, moved) with care, durability shouldn't be much of a concern either way. The legs will likely outlast the sofa itself, even if the sofa is of excellent construction quality.   

In the Home: If your home has wooden floors, then wooden legs might be the safest choice. Otherwise, you could risk damaging your floor upon moving your sofa.  

Style: As you can see, the choice between metal and wooden sofa legs is usually going to come down to a question of style. And on this issue, we would rather show you the difference than tell you about it. So head over to The Sofa Co online today to view our customer furniture for yourself!

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