A coffee table can really bring your room together or completely destroy its flow, and with so many options nowadays it has become hard to not be in doubt about what is best for your home. Because of that we have decided to share some industry advice to illuminate your search for the perfect centerpiece.


Coffee tables come in many different sizes and shapes and it can be hard to gauge if a specific table will fit your living room properly. So consider the three basic rules of thumb:One, choose a table that’s approximately the same height as your sofa cushions or slightly shorter; two, it should measure no more than two-thirds the sofa’s total length; and three, keep two feet of clearance around each side. 

Of course this does not guarantee that the table will be a perfect fit but will ensure your room stays balanced and opened.


A coffee table can have many shapes but the most popular ones are rectangular, circular or oval. Rectangular shapes are great for a slim minimal design they also can help add some storage to your living space as many offer internal compartments. Round shapes are great if you have guests frequently as they offer an equal distance between people, another plus is that they are usually easier to maneuver around.


Most coffee tables either have wooden or metal legs, to make the right choice you must first consider the following. Wooden legs are great as even inexpensive tables can handle considerable weight capacity they are also good as scratches are not prone to show. Metal legs can be just as durable as wood but be aware of cheap tables as they usually use lower grade metal that is prone to scratching and bending. 


We love a good coffee table but if you live in a small apartment it can be hard to give up that square footage. So a way to maximize your living room is to look for multifunction coffee tables some of our favorites are lift top coffee tables, storage coffee tables or expandable coffee tables. 

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