With the current situation many of us are having to work from home and let us be honest after the first week of sitting in the couch in your pjs and working from your laptop you are craving an actual workspace. But like most of us you are an urban dweller who has sacrificed the square footage of your apartment for the convenience of living in the city center.

But a limited living space does not mean you have to suffer through this transitional time. Here are some great suggestions on how to pick the perfect desk for your new workspace, although it might look simply to make the right choice make sure you consider the following aspects:

Size-  This is the most important thing to pay attention too specially if you have a extra small space, a bigger table might be tempting so you can spread out but don’t over do it as this can really end up becoming dead space in your apartment. To get the best of both world we suggest you buy an expandable table like our Dion model this means when in use you have the extra space but when not, it can take only 1/3 of the space.

Height- Very important for a comfortable experience make sure you double check the height of a table; many companies will cut cost by making shorter tables hoping customers will not notice. So, make sure you measure your preferred height before purchasing an item. Adjustable height tables are a great way to ensure your table is the perfect height check out our Lift table for that function.

Color- This is mostly personal preference but make sure the color that you pick goes with your other furniture or if it does not make sure its bright and vivid, so it fits in as an accent color. But for most people a neutral color will work best especially light wood tones.

Bonus tip- If you absolutely do not have space for a desk, we suggest you consider a lift top coffee table, something like our Venera table can work great for that situation. The great thing about this model is that it also has storage so you can tuck away your work materials once you are done.



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