Much like sports cars, sofa beds give up comfort for function. But this does not mean you have to settle for an uncomfortable sleeping experience. Here are our expert tips to select the correct sofa bed as well as improve your current sofa bed.


1- Making the correct selection:

The difference between a good and a bad sofa bed can be hard to spot when shopping online. In our website we utilize a firmness scale to help customers select a sofa bed that will fit their needs. We also strongly encourage customers to check out reviews to see what other people are saying.


2-Look at your sofa bed as a investment:

Much like mattresses, a sofa bed is an investment, don't cheap out and expect a good product. But this does not mean you need to break the bank. We believe a good range for a sofa bed is between 1,200-2,500 dollars. At this price point you can ensure the product you are getting is built with good quality materials that will last a long time.


3-Add a memory foam topper:

If you currently have a sofa bed that is not up to your standards we suggest investing into a compact memory foam topper, this cost effective solution is a great way to increase comfort for your overnight guests.