If you live in a small studio apartment we strongly suggest you consider a wall bed as a way to free up a massive portion of your space. A traditional bed will not only consume your free space it is an eye sore for when you have guests. But not all wall beds are made the same, here are some things to look out when shopping for a new wall bed:


Wall beds can range from $1,000-$5,000 and the reason for that large price range is the quality of materials used. In the lower end models the back piece of the wall bed is removed to save on cost this exposes the wall once the wall bed is open and also means the wall bed has to be very well anchored to the wall as it is not well balanced, other components cheap components to look out for are springs instead of hydraulics for the opening mechanism.

At the higher end of the spectrum are wall beds made with high quality materials such as E1 melamine boards, temperature treated metal components and premium hydraulics that ensure a smooth open and closing experience. 


Size matters especially when you are living in a studio.So before purchasing a wall bed make sure to consider what size will fit you home the best. Most of the wall beds in the market are queen size but with the rise of micro units some stores have started offering horizontal wall beds that are more compact and open in a different orientation.

Delivery and Assembly:

Something that is not always advertised when you are buying a wall bed is the extra cost of delivery and assembly, this can be as much as 20% of the cost of the wall bed. So before committing make sure you double check these costs. We here at Spaze Furniture have an all inclusive pricing policy so what you see at checkout is what you pay, no hidden fees.