1# Function Over Everything

Most people start their home decor journey by thinking about design or color pallet, but the pros always start by thinking about functionality. That is because before you can arrange a room you must know what it is going to be used for, this methodology allows you to get a better idea of the items you really need and their respective sizes. 

This step is especially important if you live in a smaller space, because planning for functionality can be the difference between having a modern clean looking space and an over crowded mess.

2# Define Your Local Point

Think about this “ What is the first thing I notice when I walk into the room” that's your focal point. It can be a fireplace, a bright color couch, artwork or lighting fixture. A focal point is a great starting point for your furniture once it is established you can use that as an anchor for the rest of your pieces. 

3# Complement Your Space Don’t Fight It

Work within the confines of the existing architecture instead of fighting against it. This means pay attention to the location of your windows, doors, columns, cabinetry, and fireplace.

This also means to plan for the rooms adjacent, and the traffic flows from one room to another. Think about arranging functions within your space as close to each other as possible. For example, placing a dining table closer to the kitchen means fewer obstacles in the way.

4# Intentional Negative Space

I know you want to maximize every square foot in your apartment but negative space is important too, as it balances out the room.Not every corner needs something in it, and not every part of the room needs filling. It’s about spacing out your room and considering how the furniture works with each other.

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