Sofa beds get a bad reputation for being uncomfortable, but that notion is outdated. Modern sofa beds are built with high density foam and high quality fabrics that ensures a quality night of sleep for your guests. Another common feature of older sofa beds are their large size and massive weight, this point of pain has also been remedied with modern pull out mechanisms allowing you to have a queen size sleeping area in compact sofa beds that measure in at only 65 inches. Here is a list of our most comfortable compact sofa beds:

Bocca Sofa Bed:

This compact sofa bed measures in at 78 inches and can easily sleep 2 adults. It's also equipped with a storage compartment allowing you to have all your extra bedding and pillows ready to go for your guests. 

Blaine Sofa Bed: 

The Blaine looks like a classic sofa, but it's much more than that with two individual retractable chaises this sofa can pull out into a queen size sofa bed in just a couple seconds or you can use it as a sectional to stretch out those legs it's up to you because this sofa offers it all.

Noble Sofa Bed:

The Noble sofa bed is a great choice if you are looking for a comfortable sleeper that can sleep 2 adults. This modern sofa sleeper measures in at 72.8 inches and offers a queen size sleeping area for your guests. 

Sidney Sofa Bed: 

The Sidney sofa bed combines both style and functionality. Featuring a minimalist design, hydraulic assisted mechanism and a queen size sleeping area, this smart piece of furniture is clearly the ultimate compact sleeper sofa.