A great way to save on our furniture is to bundle different items together. Here are some of our favorite bundles active right now.


Mercury + Venera

If you have a small living room the Mercury Sofa and Venera table are a great choice, the mercury is a modern sofa with rounded lines that give this piece a unique yet subtle look. Pair this sofa with our lift top coffee table so that you can have some storage and a lift top surface to work from or eat!



Osuna + Cinco

The Osuna modular sofa and the Cinco coffee table both share a modular design meaning you can always add another one to it to fit your needs. Perfect for someone who loves to play around with different layouts.



Oslo 2s + Venera + Topper

Our most popular sofa bed paired with our most popular coffee table and a mattress topper, this combo is perfect if you just moved to a new place and need a solid starter kit. The multifunctional Oslo gives you multiple back positions and the Venera gives you an elevated surface to work from or eat.



Ardina + Mir

The Ardina sofa bed is the perfect modern centerpiece for your home, pair it with the Mir side table that slides perfectly in between the seats and have a multifunctional sofa bed with a built-in table surface.

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