We carry multiple different designs of sofa beds this includes sofa beds that are armless and sofa beds with different design arms. This might look like a small difference for most people but as an expert in sofa beds and small place solutions we see this as a feature that must be considered before making your final decision. 

The benefits of an armless sofa bed is that you can get a bigger bed when your sofa bed is open while having a small footprint since there is no dead space dedicated for the arms. This subtle difference can help you fit in a queen size sofa bed in a small living room. Here is one of our favorite armless sofa beds: 

Bocca Sofa Bed: 

For a regular sofa bed with arms the benefits are pretty straightforward, the arms give you a location to rest your phone, plate of food or drink. Also when opening the sofa bed into the bed position the arm and backrest create a backboard that keeps your pillows from falling off. Here is one of our favorite sofa beds with arms:

Alure Sofa Bed: