We all know Airbnb's rentals have become a saturated space, and for many their revenue has decreased because of this competition. Some experts might tell you that you need to sell the local experience or optimize your listing with a cookie cutter formula, and although some of these methods might work they overlook a basic aspect of any rental: the furniture.

If your furniture is not improving you rental you are doing it wrong, here are some changes you can make to quickly increase your potential revenue:



1- Pick a sofa bed over a regular sofa:

A sofa bed is a great way to add extra sleeping space to your rental, nowadays you do not have to sacrifice looks for function. If you have the space a queen size sofa bed is preferred as it can easily accommodate two adults. In addition to that some sofa bed manufacturers have sofa beds with removable dry cleanable covers making it easy to clean your sofa bed in case of any unexpected mess.  

The more people you can host in your Airbnb the higher the price you can charge, also if you are located in a central location its likely your apartment is on the smaller end and taking advantage of the living room can maximize your rental opportunities.


2- An extendable dinner table:

With the same idea as the sofa bed, an extendable table allows you to cater to larger groups, the great part about getting an expandable table instead of just a larger table is that when it's not in use it does not take up a large portion of your living room. In addition, new mechanisms now allow for the table to collapse on itself so no need to store any extra pieces in the closet.


3- Have an office desk+chair: 

Airbnb’s have grown in popularity with business travelers for its convenience and great prices when compared to hotels. To capture more of these customers a must have in your rental is an office desk and chair. If space is limited we suggest you look into a compact desk that can comfortably fit a laptop.



4- Consider a chair sleeper over a accent chair:

A new product in the scene, the chair sleeper offers stunning design and function combined. If your budget does not allow for a sofa bed a chair sleeper is a great way to add an extra twin bed when needed. Also these chairs are a great way to add a splash of color to your living room giving it a fun modern look.



5- Lift top coffee table:

A lift top coffee table is a great way to add a work surface to an apartment that cannot accommodate an office desk and chair, although not preferable a lift top coffee table is a smart solution and will give your guest a place to work from.