1-Buying a sofa that is the wrong size:

Sofas come in multiple sizes so that you can find one that will perfectly complement your home. Do not rush when deciding on your new sofa/sofa bed take your time measuring your apartment and the location this new item would occupy. Make sure it will not overcrowd your space or be too small and underwhelming. Also a common mistake is to not pay attention to the depth of the piece leading to issues with distances to the coffee table or walking area along the new sofa/ sofa bed.



2-Buying the wrong style for your home:

Each home has a particular style or vibe, your new sofa/sofa bed should complement that tone without overpowering it. Due to its size and location sofas are usually the focal point of your living room and because of that it is very important to ensure the piece flows with the rest of your home.



3-Picking the wrong fabric for your lifestyle:

Fabric quality and material can largely influence the performance of your sofa/sofa bed. If you own pets or have small children we recommend you to stick with 100% polyester fabrics which are commonly used in the hospitality industry for their easy to clean and longevity qualities.

But if you do not have to worry about the occasional mess, velvet fabrics can offer you a unique and sophisticated look. With a premium feel that is cozy and warm.



4-Focusing on price over quality:

When shopping online many customers will focus on pricing as their primary constraint, and we completely understand that everyone has different budgets but many online retailers will take advantage of that focus on price and sell you sub par products. The best way to avoid this trap is to read reviews on the retailer and product you are considering, as they will provide honest feedback on the product and its quality.


5-Not checking delivery fees and return policy:

A common mistake by first time online buyers is to not read carefully the retailers delivery fee and return policy. This is particularly important for big items such as sofa/sofa beds as you do not want to get stuck with a unwanted sofa or have to lose half of your investment due to an aggressive return policy. Overall you should pay no more than 20% of the cost of the sofa in delivery fees, and a return policy should be easy to understand and use in case you do not like your new item.