1-Decorating with too many small accessories: We all have done this to a dresser or end table, put way to many little decorating items because you like them all individually but once they are all together it just looks messy and suffocating.  So, the lesson here is that less is more, and if you absolutely need to add more than 5 items make sure they vary in height, so they do not block each other exposure.

2-Not having plants- If you have a feeling that something is missing from your room its probably plants. I know plants can be difficult to maintain so in case you live a rushed life style just get artificial ones they still deliver a great light accent to your decor.

3-To many frame pictures on tables- We all love to have family pictures around our home they add a certain cozy feeling that not many items do, but sometimes we cannot decide on our favorites living us with a dresser or table completely occupy by picture frames that you can barely appreciate. So, the way to fix this is to go vertical, pick a wall in your home and hang those beautiful memories. Also for an extra sleek and minimalist look go with black and white pictures they always look great!

4- Cables and cords- This is a personal pet peeve of mine cables and cords can really disrupt your room so make sure you plan when buying your furniture. Specially if you are like me and have a desktop computer at home make sure you have a plan for cable management, or you will end up a huge eye sore in the middle of our room.

5- Too much furniture- We all have done this, we got attached to our furniture and when its time to renovate we refuse to give it up and promising our selves we will find room for it. But the truth is it dos does not belong anymore; it stands out and makes your space feel smaller. So do your self a favor and just rip the band aid off get rid of it and allow your home to breath.

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